Various Ways To Make Nails Look More Beautiful And Attractive

Women who are of the opinion that buying a gel nail kit and making their own gel nails at home is not affordable must make sure that they are terribly wrong. They are totally ignorant of the fact that their manicure done by them at salon fortnightly is in no way cheap. Every visit they pay to the salon for getting their nails trimmed carefully and neatly does cost them dearly. It amounts up to almost $800 in a year which is a good lot of money. In addition to that the expenses and time incurred to go to the salon and back home. Hence, it makes sense to invest all this money in gel nail kit and carry on with their gel nails at the comfort of their homes. Women may do it for themselves or they may be a professional nail tech whatever they may be there are plenty of gel nails kits available for selection for them to do their own gel nails at home. When there are plenty of choices choosing the right one is of course an intimidating job.

Women Have Been Crazy Of It

This gel manicure has been doing rounds for more than six years now. Women are crazy about this. At the beginning this gel manicure is brushed on in many layers and then it is hardened under a UV light. In general this is applied in salons and then set under the UV light to get hardened. Gels polish manicure lasts not less than a fortnight and sometimes longer. This particular manicure out beats the rest hands down. Gels polish manicure USP is it dries and hardens in no time. Women can get this gel color applied and enjoy excellent nails in no time. They need not fear of any blots or blows.

Best Suited For Wash Hands Often

This nail polish is best suited for women who wash their hands every not and then like doctors and chefs. There is no fear of losing this out in a short span of time. The regular nail polish would be available for not more than two or three days. There are chances at the time of doing same work the nails can get bumped or scratched. But not need to worry because if gel is applied the same old fabulous, attractive look will be back.

Time Saver

As this nail polish remain for at least about two weeks if not more hence it is not necessary to spend time behind the nails every two or three days.